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Club Kalku Varti

Kaļķu Vārti is without a doubt one of Riga's most famous entertainment venues. There is a reason for the long lines and big crowds gathering in front of the club entrance every weekend.

The interior of the nightclub will pleasantly surprise you with its mix of Riga's historical and modern design trends. The club offers first-class light and sound system quality and a top mix of disco, r'n'b, house and mainstream music.


The club can fit 300 visitors in the winter season or 500 visitors in the summer season, as there is additional space on the roof terrace in summer. From the terrace, visitors can enjoy an excellent view over Līvu square. It's a real open-air party in the heart of Old Riga!

Every week, the club bars offer specials and discounts on cocktails prepared for you by professional bartenders, who have proven their skills in various TV shows, commercials and bartending competitions. Kaļķu Vārti will impress you with its open and informal atmosphere. It is the perfect place to relax with old friends or make new ones.

Open: Fridays and Saturdays 22:00 – 06:00

Entrance fee: Free

Admission: 21 and over

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