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Baltic Beach SPA

SPA-центр объединяет старинные традиции и современные технологии в комбинации с новейшими методиками в области косметологии.

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Dolce Vita

Massage studio Dolсe Vita invites You to plunge into the cozy and romantic atmosphere.

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Vašlejas - pirts ēka | Degoles pag.,Tukums nov., ( 2km Rīga-Ventspils šos.), LV- 3140

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Ed Hardy club

Kr. Barona street - 88

mob.phone: +371 28882228, +371 20090020

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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1. rokkafejnica

Tagad īpaši skaistā un vēsturiskā ēkā Vecrīgā Reiterna namā. Latvijas pirmā un vienīgā rokkafejnīca - vieta dažādu toņu (ne tikai roka) muzikāliem notikumiem un koncertiem, vērienīgām vai ne tik skaļām ballītēm!

Leģendāra vieta īsākiem un garākiem stāstiem. Citreiz tie šeit tikai sākas, vienmēr turpinās un nekad nebeidzas!

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Siacu Massage Salon

We perform massage based on the classical Japanese massage techniques known as “Shiatsu”.

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La Rocca Afterparty

The club La Rocca is the biggest nightclub in Latvia. When the weekend comes to Riga, Club La Rocca is definitely the place to be seen at! The club’s unique design will take you to a different world filled with beautiful club goers dancing to the latest beats and partying like there’s no tomorrow.

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Located in the heart of Riga, a hookah bar "Hottabych" - a cozy place where you can relax from the hustle and bustle of the everyday life and dip in a refined and tranquil atmosphere of the East.

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City Jazz Club

A new jazz club-restaurant „City Jazz Club” with 130 seats is operating in the centre of Riga. Four evenings a week you are welcome to enjoy a high-quality smooth jazz presented by artists from Latvia and Europe.

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