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Victory Pub

Welcome to the Victory Pub, one of the few true pubs in Riga! This cosy pub is the perfect spot to come with your friends to enjoy some of the twenty beers that are on tap. Local beers such as Valmiermuiza and Lacplesis plus better known beers like Leffe and Guinnes are all available on tap, you can even try out our local beer tasting experience.

With a great pub menu, Victory Pub Riga is ideal if you want somewhere with a great atmosphere and excellent value. Built in 1698, the building that houses the Victory Pub is steeped in history, this history makes the Victory Pub what it is with original features and a decor to suit. Friendly staff welcome you as walk in the door and soon you will feel like this is your local away from home.

We show nearly all Premier league and Bundesliga games on our wide screen T.V's so you wont miss any games, join the locals and watch a game of Ice Hockey for a real Latvian experience.

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