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XXL club opened for customer in July 1999. It was just a cosy bar, but as time flies, today XXL is a modern club of European glamour. Where various people walks in to spend their leisure time. You can meet and greet politicians, businessmen, artists, foreign tourists and young people in spending time together with friends.


XXL club of today is a gigantic bar decorated in `Tom of Finland` style; the dance floor with great sound, light and another bar just at the dance floor. There is also the labyrinth, the darkroom for those who prefer meeting "blind", the video-cabins with gay-movies. Riga famous DJs are all night available so there is no time to get bored!

Gourmets will find a big choice of European cuisine and drink in the club. On Fridays / Saturdays the club present its own show, which won numerous high review at "Eros 2000" & "Eros 2001" held in Riga annually. It the club you have a chance to see the performances of the best strip-dancer from Lithuania, Estonia & Russia. "Fabrika Grjez" - transvestite show from Moscow - which has become our club`s favorites. Visit our club and you will be offered high quality service, cosy atmosphere and nice modern music. Bring you friends or make new friends in the club. And do mind that in XXL club everything is possible.

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