Nightlife in Riga

Paddy Whelan's

In 1995 Paddy Whelan's opened its doors for the first time and Riga had its first Irish pub. Fittingly, the founders of the pub were both expats, Australian-Latvian, Valdis Berzins, and his Australian wife of Irish roots, Julie Berzins. The name of the pub was taken from Mrs Berzins' great grandfather, and the now famous Mr Whelan's portrait used to adorn a wall in the center of the pub.

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Dodo Hotel

Dodo Hotels SIA is a privately owned Latvian company founded in 2004. Its aim is to develop the "Dodo Hotel" brand, a new concept of hotels, with a first property opened in Riga in early 2008.

Lowest prices on the market, intelligent design and efficient service are the key features of the DODO HOTEL concept, bringing to Riga a much needed low cost hotel with a 109 rooms property.

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Siacu Massage Salon

We perform massage based on the classical Japanese massage techniques known as “Shiatsu”.

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Vašlejas - pirts ēka | Degoles pag.,Tukums nov., ( 2km Rīga-Ventspils šos.), LV- 3140

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Coyote Fly

Since long ago Vērmanes Garden has been one of Rigans’ most favourite places to meet friends and have a rest. Even now, nothing has changed as every week Coyote Fly nightclub gathers more than 4500 holidaymakers, the best DJs and VJs in Latvia and world-famous artists. And it’s no wonder…

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Global Limo Service

Наша компания GLS специализируется на аренде автомобилей и лимузинов, а также на других услугах связанных с арендой. GLS является лидером по предоставлению данных услуг в Балтии. Заказав услугу в нашей компании, клиент получит отличный сервис и широкий выбор престижных лимузинов, автомобилей, микроавтобусов или автобусов.

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Dolce Vita

Massage studio Dolсe Vita invites You to plunge into the cozy and romantic atmosphere.

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V.S. Imperia

V.S. Imperia предлагает лучший лимузин-сервис и авто прокат в Риге и Латвии, ибо у нас самый большой опыт работы и парк автомобилей.

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Club Kalku Varti

Kaļķu Vārti is without a doubt one of Riga's most famous entertainment venues. There is a reason for the long lines and big crowds gathering in front of the club entrance every weekend.

The interior of the nightclub will pleasantly surprise you with its mix of Riga's historical and modern design trends. The club offers first-class light and sound system quality and a top mix of disco, r'n'b, house and mainstream music.

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Kā katru gadu, arī šogad piedāvājam iegādāties braukšanas kuponus 76,00 EUR vērtībā braucienam uz festivālu Positivus 2015, kas šogad norisināsies no 17.- 19.jūlijam Salacgrīvā.

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